Las Vegas Wedding FAQ’S


Planning a Las Vegas Wedding can be a little bit overwhelming!, especially if you don’t live here. We want to make sure that you are well informed before you arrive at Aloha Wedding Chapel for your ceremony. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please give us a call or send an email. We are here to help you!

Do I Need To Make A Reservation? 

A reservation is encouraged, just to be sure that we have enough time for your ceremony and the proper staff. We will generally need a minister, a witness, and a photographer here. We will take walk-ins but please be aware that you may have to wait a bit.

How Much Is The Deposit? 

If you make your reservation online, the full amount of the package will be charged. For packages under $100, full payment is required at the time of booking. For packages over $100, a deposit of 50% will be accepted. If you want to make a deposit only, you will need to call and speak to one of our wedding planners at 702.747.4849.

Is My Deposit Refundable?

All monies paid are non-refundable.

Will I Be Able To Reschedule? 

Yes. You can reschedule your Las Vegas Wedding to another available time or date without any additional charge, provided at least 7 days notice is given. If you reschedule within 7 days, there will be a $100 rescheduling fee. If you do not show up for your ceremony, your deposit/payments will be forfeited and there will be no refund or chance to reschedule.

Can I Add Items Or Services To The Package? 

Yes. We offer additional extras to our Las Vegas Wedding Packages. Please Click here for ceremonyh add-ons and accessories.

How Long Is The Ceremony?

Typically, the actual ceremony will be anywhere from about 5-20 minutes, depending on the package. We recommend that you plan on being with us for up to an hour to accommodate check-in, guests being seated, the ceremony, the photo session, and the photo viewing.

What Type Of Ceremonies Do You Offer? 

We offer Wedding, Vow Renewal, Commitment, and Fun “Pretend” Wedding Ceremonies. The pretend Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony is very popular among Newlyweds visiting Las Vegas.

Do You Offer A Civil Ceremony?

In terms of a Las Vegas Wedding, the term “Civil Ceremony” refers to a non-religious ceremony. You can choose to have either a Civil or a Christian Ceremony.

Do You Offer Same Sex Ceremonies? 

Yes, we welcome Same Sex Couples for Wedding, Vow Renewal, Commitment, and Fun “Pretend” Wedding Ceremonies. LOVE IS LOVE!

Do I Need A Witness?

You will need to have a witness for your Legal Las Vegas Wedding. If you do not have one, we are happy to provide one for you. (A gratuity to the witness is customary.)

Can We Write Our Own Vows?

Our ministers perform a lovely ceremony, however, you may choose to write your own vows that you will say to each other. We do encourage you to have them written on paper rather than having to get your phone out during the ceremony.

Can We Have A Bridal Party? 

Yes, you can have a Bridal Party that includes: Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer.

Can Someone Walk The Bride Down The Aisle?

Yes. You can choose anyone to walk you down the aisle. If you add Elvis to your package, you have the option of Elvis walking you down the aisle.

How Many Guests Can We Have?

The chapel will hold up to 50 people. Some of the packages have guest limits. Please view the Las Vegas Wedding Packages to see the guidelines.

Is The Minister’s Fee Included?

The Minister’s Fee is $60 and it is not included in any of the packages. This is a fee, not a tip. This covers the paperwork and filing fees. This fee will be collected at the time of check-in, in cash. The minister will perform your ceremony and will hand-carry your Marriage License to the Clerk’s Office to have it recorded.

What About Tips?

Well, this is Las Vegas. We are known to be a town all about tips. The Las Vegas Wedding Scene is no different. We do have recommendations for suggested tips, however, it is at your discretion and is not mandatory. We suggest the following tips: Minister $20-$40, Photographer $20-$60, Witness $20, Limo Driver $20-$40

Do We Need To Arrive Dressed Or Can We Get Dressed There?

We have a bridal suite that can be reserved for $75. If you do not reserve the bridal suite, you will need to be dressed and ready when you arrive.

When Should We Arrive?

The couple will need to be here at least 15 minutes prior to your ceremony time. We need this time to process the paperwork and relay all the details to the Minister, Photographer, and Wedding Coordinator. Your ceremony time is the time that the bride is walking down the aisle. There are a few things that need to happen before that event. If you are late, there will be a $50 late fee and we cannot guarantee that we will have the time available to perform your ceremony. In the event that your tardiness causes your ceremony to be rescheduled, there will be a $100 rescheduling fee. We will not be able to wait on guests, so be sure to tell your guests to be here before the ceremony time.

Do We Have To Arrive Together?

You do not have to arrive together but if you do not want to see each other before the ceremony, you will need to reserve the bridal suite or add-on the first look ceremony. This would be the only way to ensure that you do not see each other until the ceremony.

Can I Purchase More Photos Than What Comes With The Package? 

You will be able to purchase either a photo package or a-la-carte photos. Your photographer will explain how to do this.

Can I Bring My Own Photographer?

There is an option for you to bring your own photographer for a surcharge of $300.

Are My Guests Allowed To Take Photos? 

There is an option for you to purchase a media pass for $100 that will allow your guests to use their cell phones for photos, video, or face time, only during the ceremony from their seats. We also offer an option to pre-pay for your entire photo package and then we will give you the media pass.

Will My Photos Be Online? 

All photos and video taken by Paradise Wedding Chapel may be used for promotional purposes on our website or other media. By having your ceremony at Paradise Wedding Chapel, you are granting permission to Paradise Wedding Chapel to use and publish your photos, video, and likeness for promotional use.

Do You Offer A Webcam Service?

Yes, we have a webcam service with the Da Kine Deluxe package and up. It can be added to the Tiki Package for $50.

Do I Need To Get A Marriage License? 

If you plan on getting legally married in Las Vegas, you will need to obtain a Marriage License in Nevada. For more information on obtaining your Marriage License click here.

We Are Already Married, Do We Need A Marriage License?

No. If you are married, even if you married in another country, you do not need to get a Marriage License.

Yes, your marriage will be recognized all over the world, however, depending on the country you live in, you may need additional documentation after you get married. This is called an Apostille.